Portland ACL Rehab

Team Focused

Although the physical therapist is often the person who spends some of the most time with the athlete during the rehab process after ACL injury, they are by no means the only member of the team:

  • The surgeon has the intimate details of exactly what was done during the surgery
  • Parents are often there to make decisions (in the case of a minor) or give personal advice unique for that athlete
  • Coaches need to understand expectations and timelines since a significant injury to one player can affect a team for an entire year
  • Athletic trainers need detailed information for managing day-to-day issues relating to the athlete and often make the final return to play decision
  • Strength and conditioning staff are valuable allies for integrating the athlete back in with the rest of the team in the weight room as appropriate throughout the rehab process
  • The athlete themselves is the absolute most important member of the team

With the athlete’s prior approval, Dr. Meira provides detailed reports to any team member that is involved and is available for conferences regarding the athlete as needed. He is also able to serve as the lead coordinator of care for the athlete, from finding the right surgeon to supervising¬†final return to play decision making.